Run/Walk to save babies' lives
Health, Parenting

Every mother wants the best for her baby. Nothing pleases them more than watching their child grow up healthy and strong. To ensure such an outcome, babies need only a few things: Love, attention, food and safety. It comes naturally to a mother to provide these things, but there are extra measures you can take to give your little one an sturdy foundation in life.

Save the Umbilical Cord Blood

Unfortunately, children sometimes go on to develop serious illnesses. What helped to sustain your baby in the womb can help save his or her life down the road. The umbilical cord blood is full of stem cells that may later be utilized to deal with illnesses like lymphoma, leukemia, metabolic conditions and Type1 diabetes. Parents who would like to preserve their infant’s umbilical cord blood may do so within an umbilical cord blood bank to get a fee. Umbilical cord blood bank supplies a kind of insurance should something go away later on.

Parents may wish to bank the tissue from the umbilical cord, as well. It contains a different type of stem cells than the blood and can be used to build bone, connective tissue and cartilage. They also show promise for controlling inflammation.

Eat Healthy During Pregnancy

All of the foods you eat have an impact on your baby and will significantly affect their development both during pregnancy and after birth. Stay away from foods loaded with refined sugars or white flour. Besides having no nutrition of their own, they bind to and deplete your body of vitamins and minerals essential to cell growth, hormone manufacture and neurological development. If you’re craving tasty snacks, have a piece of fruit, some vegetables or a handful of nuts. The more natural and unprocessed your diet, the better.

Dangers of Soy

Remove anything containing soy from your diet. Soy has been revered as a miracle of nutrition for quite some time, due largely to the efforts of aggressive marketing campaigns. Soy is not healthy, for your baby or for you. In fact, it causes serious hormonal imbalances because of the large amounts of estrogen it contains. It has been linked to early puberty in girls, feminization of boys, reproductive disorders and an increased risk of estrogen-dependent cancers.


Infant formulas, though convenient and easy to use, contain undesirable additives and synthetic vitamins that aren’t absorbed easily by the body. They’re also based off of cow’s milk, which is not designed to for optimal development of human children. Besides being nutritionally inferior, artificial feeding methods take away from the bonding process between mom and baby.